A New Rear Living Area Creates a Better Connection to the Outdoors

Designed by McManus Lew Architects

We love to get out and enjoy the backyard, but too often our homes are disconnected from our outdoor spaces. Saturn II shows you what you can do…

Saturn II

Creating a great connection from living spaces to the backyard can offer you a whole other room of outdoor space. Even a very small home can take advantage of the backyard to feel (and function) as if it’s much larger.

Saturn II

“Recommended by neighbours whom we previously completed a project for, the owners of this semi-detached home sought our expertise to improve the social spaces of their home and create a connection between home and the site – qualities previously absent in their home.” – Michael McManus, McManus Lew Architects

Saturn II

McManus Lew Arhcitects designed a deceptively simple living space for the rear of the home which reconnects the living areas to the yard. The backyard is south-facing, so in order to grab some north light for the new living spaces, the architects popped the addition beyond the width of the existing home. This makes use of an extended driveway which now serves as additional open space and even an informal second entry. An additional advantage of expanding the addition to grab extra light is it now benefits from two outlooks, visually expanding the living areas so they feel much bigger.

Saturn II

Bi-fold doors open onto a generous deck and garden, seamlessly integrating house and garden. The design also makes cross-ventilation easy and effective, meaning the home will stay cooler in summer by taking advantage of breezes.

Saturn II

The previous lounge has been converted into a bedroom, creating a much needed three-bedroom home for the growing family. Tucked behind the new kitchen living area is a laundry and powder room to maximise the functionality of this new space.

Saturn II

To counteract the down-side of a lengthened hallway, the architects have punched out a skylight to capture a delightful view of the sky.

Saturn II

These simple, yet effective solutions have radically improved the livability of this home. If you’re feeling disconnected from the backyard, a thoughtful addition may open you up to a new outdoor space.

Saturn II

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