Do we really need a designer or can we design ourselves?

Whilst I have always advocated for using designers where required (Architects, Interior Designers, Building Designers and Draftsmen) I am also an advocate for research and well, nailing your design yourself. So, do we have to be ‘designers’ to create a designer space? The simple answer, well, no. If you can put time and effort into your…

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Tiles, the make or break of your bathroom

Tiles can be daunting as they are a permanent fixture in the house and its not like you can change them on a whim. Bathrooms are now becoming show pieces of the house, they are luxurious and one of the most functional spaces of the house. When it comes to tiles  you have a few…

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Voids, Voids, Voids: Add drama to your renovation

The main feature of this house was a stunning two storey voids on top of the living room. It added drama and light to a south facing back yard which could have felt otherwise cold and dark. (In fact prior to the renovation dark and smokey was what the tini-tiny living room was all about.)…

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