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See projects & results from our BuildHer Members

See projects & results from our BuildHer Members

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Founded by two different yet crazily complementary women who are highly qualified building professionals with unparalleled industry experience.

  • Rebeka consistently breaks home sales records. She’s cracked the code and is willing to share her development secrets with you.
  • Kribashini’s killer process-driven Commercial Construction and Project Management background will carefully guide you through your journey.

– Yolanda, Class of 2019

I'd like to build or renovate my dream home

I'd like to renovate for profit

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At BuildHer Collective we help women build their dream home, and develop for profit.

We make sure you have ALL the tools and support to get it right the first time, on time and on budget.

We empower women like you with the confidence, knowledge and framework to build and renovate better and save money.

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Karine's Story

I’ve been thinking about how to articulate how I am feeling about BuildHer and am not sure if I can convey this exactly but here goes. We met with some really good friends on the weekend who purchased their forever home. Unfortunately, they aren’t happy with their architect of the plans, with their plans already at council.

This made me really sad and also gave me the opportunity to reflect on how lucky we are to be part of BuildHer Collective and the knowledge, support and confidence I’ve gained as port of this. Thank you so much Rebeka and Kribashini for this unique and amazing collective. I just love you guys. xxxxx

Jess's Story

Anyone who knows me knows that when I get excited, I need to talk about it and share. Therefore everyone who knows me knows that I’m currently undertaking the course with BuildHer Collective… everyone. Even my poor dog.

Rebeka and Kribashini you are amazing. They arm you with knowledge but most valuable of all is their transparency – any question you ask they answer. They give you specifics, not some vague response designed to fob you off. They give you their detailed roadmap to building success, whether as an owner builder of as someone looking to hire a builder.

The course is women empowering women.

Phoebe's Story

I just wanted to say thank you to both og you for the meeting on Tuesday night – I really think you guys gave us heaps to think about and lots of exciting options to wrap our heads around in the coming weeks!

I’m completely on board with the new main/ensuite/walk in robe option in the two original rooms (makes so much sense!) – Jarrod will need a bit more time as he struggles with the thought that we are going to alter anything in those two original rooms.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to you both and I’m really excited to see what comes next.

Amanda's Story

BuildHer Collective is a game changer for women wishing to take control of their build. I can’t believe how much I’ve learnt, and I know I can call on my BuildHers at any time for feedback and advice. I couldn’t have managed a major renovation without their support. Most importantly I’m empowered with the knowledge I need to speak the language of building and move forward with confidence.

Angela's Story

BuildHer Collective is an absolute game changer. Being part of this talented group has provided me with so much empowering knowledge and support. Can’t recommend highly enough!

Suzanne's Story

Rebeka & Kribashini have created the most amazing supportive community. They guided me to go owner builder and build my dream home in under 2 months!

And have easily saved me the money I paid to do their course plus more just through their trade discounts let alone using their advice to save more time and money! Join them too, you won’t regret it!

Rachel's Story

Rebeka and Kribashini and their team are fantastic. I’m so glad to be renovating, with them and this fantastic group of BuildHers.

I’ve learned so much, saved a lot and been confident to stand up to people and turned ‘no’s into ‘yes’s’...meaning I’m getting the home I want. You won’t regret joining.

Lucinda's Story

I couldn't recommend BuildHer Collective anymore. They have completely changed the way I look at our townhouse development and have got me so excited about the whole process instead of nervous and feeling tied down for options with a budget.

Getting recommendations and advice from others in the community has been priceless and I know we have already saved thousands. They are a must for any woman building or renovating and who is feeling a bit intimidated by the project!

Jessica's Story

BuildHer Collective is run by amazing women who have given me the confidence to be able to speak knowledgeably with trades about what I want to achieve.

I can't wait to use all the knowledge I've gained on a larger scale. I would absolutely recommend them.

Jodie's Story

So much great knowledge, support and inspiration. Highly recommend for anyone thinking about building or renovating.

Petra's Story

Being part of the Buildher collective has saved us thousands (literally) - through expert advice, avoiding design mistakes and industry contacts!

It is also a wonderfully supportive community of like minded people, led by two amazing, talented women who genuinely want to help you succeed. If you are think of renovating or developing then you should give them a call!

Maris's Story

Absolutely would recommend! Buildher Collective have been a great source of knowledge, guidance and inspiration to me during my subdivision process. Anytime I’ve had a question, issue or concern I’ve been able to get assistance from Rebeka or Kribashni, or the collective.

For anyone (not just ‘girls’) looking at building, extending, renovating or subdividing this group is a must! The wealth of knowledge and resources will be instrumental in helping you achieve your goals and vision. Thanks a million for all your help R&K!

Rachel's Story

Just like you ladies have said in your podcasts we have learnt some lessons with design and budget we are now at second smaller / less technical drawings waiting for quotes from our builder. So not started yet but hopefully soon.

We have a 800sqm block gifted to us on my husband’s family farm at Cudgen in northern new with ocean views so we are very lucky to just have to build a home on it! Thank you again for your podcast, you are literally validating all of my thoughts and feels! ]

Kathryn's Story

I just wanted to say a big huge thank you for organising the get together last Friday night. It was so inspiring to be able to chat with so many women doing multiple impressive things with their life and build. Highly motivating!

I was really pleased to see you all as well. Lisa, I have only met briefly once before, so it was nice to have another little chat. Seeing Kribashini before the Bub comes was soo nice, and thanks for the house tips. Rebeka, as always, you are totally inspiring and motivating and full of words of wisdom.

And it was really great to put some faces to names and chat with some other Buildhers.

Emily's Story

Thank you so much! I feel very lucky to have access to your amazing courses, community and trade discounts - so excited to start using them and have started the BuildHer course!

Christine's Story

Just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful weekend workshop with Buildher!

Wow! It’s not very often you get to spend a weekend with a group of such talented and creative women who are working hard to achieve their goals and literally build their dreams but are also willing to share all their knowledge, tips and networks to make life easier for you too!

Mix that with the Buildher workshop content and the expertise knowledge you both delivered to us over the course of the weekend and I came away feeling like my vision of building may happen.

Thank you again so much for an empowering weekend (as well as a fun one ) I think I will be dreaming of mood boards for some time to come!

Fevi's Story

I wanted to thank you again for the time and effort you put into answering our questions during our last one on one. The level of care you are taking in helping us to resolve our design is much more than I could have expected.

Alix's Story

Also I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this group. I cannot believe the confidence I have found to just get some things moving.

I still feel doubt but listening and seeing what others are doing is amazing. You guys should be really proud of creating this group. I think you have fostered a really great culture and that can sometimes be hard to achieve.

Make sure you pat yourselves on the back for that too. Also feeling so much fomo not living in Melbourne and missing out, haha.

Diane's Story

Just wanted to say thank you so much for hosting last night’s social mingle. It’s amazing to finally put a face to a Buildher. After many months of seeing the presence on Q and A and Facebook/Instagram posts, I'm so glad to have finally see and speak to some of the ladies from this amazing group.

I feel like i have celebrated wins with these women and it’s such a nurturing community.

My own heart feels warm to have met more like-minded women who have experienced the process and come out on top! I can’t wait for my own journey to start.

Thank you again for creating such a space for us!

Kirsten's Story

Should I knock down or rebuild? How can I ensure I won’t go over my budget? Are my reno ideas any good or rubbish? I signed up to the BuildHer course to get answers to these questions and to learn the ropes of the building process, with the fear of going over budget in my belly.

What an amazing community I have joined.

The course is invaluable but the real value for me has been the learning/feedback from the other members in the Facebook group, the fortnightly Q&A sessions with Rebeka and Kribashini and the design consults with style guru Rachel Collard.

Over the last two years I have answered my first three questions and learnt how to build-her-pivot. I know when I get stuck, I have a whole community to tap into and that is really reassuring and empowering.

My advice, if you’re thinking about renovating or building become a BuildHer you won’t regret it. Building is hard, you don’t want to go it alone.

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