Welcome to our podcast. We are super excited to talk about all things building because we believe that building is fun. Super fun. Soooo much fun!!!

BuildHer Collective was created to help women with building and renovating.  We believe that with the right tools everyone can build. For us, it's all about encouraging women to TAKE BACK control of the building process and achieve their dreams.

We are women in the building industry and as developers, builders and project managers, it's our passion to share everything we know with other women doing the same. That’s why we’ve created this podcast for you.

So... if you love all things building, you're into design, keen on the numbers, about to renovate, thinking and dreaming of what your forever home would look like, OR even developing for profit - then you have found your family! Subscribe to our podcast and follow our journey - we'll have some fun!

Listen to the episode that launched it all...

Who & What Are BuildHer Collective?

Hi there and welcome! We're kicking off our podcast journey with a little bit about ourselves. It's a quick chat about how we met each other (we've known each other for ages), where the idea of BuildHer was born (late night chats over pizza and wine in Italy turned out to be super productive!!!) and not only that - it was all recorded one afternoon while we were in bed (it seems that one of us is always pregnant, and on this particular day it was THE comfiest spot in a house still being renovated)!

Click on the picture of us (Kribashini on the left and Rebeka on the right) to have a listen to how our 'BuildHer' journey all began.

Listen to the latest episodes...


Joost's Zero-Waste Philosophy 

We have so much to unpack in this exciting episode with Joost Bakker. To say Kribashini was excited by this chat is an understatement and her enthusiasm for this topic is indeed contagious!

Covered off in this chat.. Joost's knowledge on sustainable living and how he lives by a zero-waste philosophy in his own home, the Future Food System project in Melbourne, his passion for wildlife and designing with a purpose in mind, the devastating loss of biodiversity and the problems with the current food system... phew! Enjoy.

Click on the picture of Joost above to listen his chat with Kribashini.

You Look Great in that new Site Gear!

We kick off Season 3 on the Building with BuildHer podcast talking about something that we're loving more and more - great workwear. Thanks King Gee. Even better than that - great workwear for women!!!

A world where we can look great, feel great and comply with all of the PPE things - sounds great to us. Oh, and if anyone is going to invent steel capped high heels, it might just be Rebeka!

Click on the picture above to listen to what we wear on site and why.



2020, what a nutcracker this year was! We feel like we need to debrief and pat ourselves on the back for the ridiculous things we’ve done this year. So, we’ve got a bit of a special episode lined up where we publicly congratulate ourselves on all our hard work. We’ve earned it!⁣⁣
Listen in as we remember all of the things that happened in 2020 (OMG - we wrote a book), and we hope you've enjoyed listening to this podcast half as much as we've enjoyed bringing it to you... 49 episodes in 2020... now that's crazy!⁣⁣

Grab yourself a celebratory drink and listen in by clicking on the picture above.

Lovin' the Landscape with Mon Palmer! 

What better way to spend lockdown than to build a beautifully landscaped garden? That’s what Rebeka has been up to (because as if she isn't busy enough already!!!) and she’s gotten slightly garden-obsessed all because of Mon, our last fabulous special guest of 2020 on our Building with Buildher podcast.
Mon is an expert landscape designer whose beautiful aesthetic seeps into everything she touches, especially gardens, and she joins us today to share why she’s so obsessed with outdoor spaces.⁣⁣ You’re going to love this episode and we’re pretty sure you’ll be slightly garden obsessed by the end of it. We can't wait for you to listen!⁣⁣

Click on the picture of Mon above to escape into the landscape.

Building Top Tips from Liz, Sencon Homes

A registered female builder with 4 kids - sounds like someone we know!!! This week we are super excited to chat to Elizabeth (Liz) from Sencon Homes about building from a builder's perspective and insight.

With experience (over 15 years in the building industry) the ability to communication clearly and effectively to understand your client's needs and quote correctly is a game changer, for you and the client. Rebeka and Liz are so on the same wave length about building in this chat, so have a listen - it's super fun!

Builders talking building and loving it, ah yes please. Click on the picture of Liz above to listen.

Haven Interiors - It's Possitively Heaven! 

It's unrealistic for most of us to think about being on holidays every single day, BUT how about creating a home that has a warm, breezy and coastal holiday feel about it all the time instead!

This week on the podcast Rebeka chats to Katrina Lumsden from Haven Interiors who helps clients create thier own slice of heaven right in their home. She also shares her 5 step formula to help clients identify their own style, create a clear picture of what they want and stick to the budget that they've set for themselves!

Immerse yourself in coastal vibes (if just for a short time) by clicking on the picture above.