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Welcome to our new podcast. We are super excited to talk about all things building because we believe that building is fun. Super fun. Soooo much fun!!!

BuildHer Collective was created to help women with building and renovating.  We believe that with the right tools everyone can build. For us, it's all about encouraging women to TAKE BACK control of the building process and achieve their dreams.

We are women in the building industry and as developers, builders and project managers, it's our passion to share everything we know with other women doing the same. That’s why we’ve created this podcast for you.

So... if you love all things building, you're into design, keen on the numbers, about to renovate, thinking and dreaming of what your forever home would look like, OR even developing for profit - then you have found your family! Subscribe to our podcast and follow our journey - we'll have some fun!

Listen to the latest episodes...


Who & What Are
BuildHer Collective?

We're kicking of our podcast journey with a little bit about ourselves.  It's a quick chat about how we met each other, where the idea of BuildHer was born and not only that - it was all recorded in bed!

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Commercial Principals in the Residential Space

In this podcast we chat to Neil Hipwell from Futureflip, who is building a little differently than other builders. He's adopted commercial building practices in the residential space! We chat about how he got started to how his business runs now.  Have a listen won't you - it's a super interesting take on building.

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Let's Talk Budgets!

Budgeting can be very overwhelming. In this episode we'll talk about some of the main reasons people go over budget and explain how you can prevent the same heartache.

Let’s also go over the numbers that make up your budget, factoring in the right figures and being aware of what needs to be included (and understanding what things actually cost!).

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These Sisters ARE doing it for themselves!

These sisters are indeed a force to be reckoned with and are the genius behind Zephyr & Stone. In this podcast episode we talk to sisters Ania and Kasia about how they got to where they are, what's in store for them, and why they are so successful at developing dual occupancies.

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The Freak Out Factor!

Living with Your Decisions - when you're renovating they seem never ending and at some point or another we feel the "overwhelm"! In this podcast episode we talk about this and how we made Kribashini renovate her bathroom just six  weeks before having a baby - true story!

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Following Their Dreams!

Matt & Jessica from Chamberlain Property totally flipped their lives around and are now living their dream. Having a passion for property they researched and researched and researched, and changed their lives when they quit their jobs to pursue their passion. Check out this podcast episode to find out more about their story.

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Over the Rainbow

Hey Judy - she's everywhere at the moment, but that phrase is relevant when we talk in this next podcast episode about "what the vision for your home is" - interesting question right? Join us somewhere over the rainbow for a chat about it won't you?

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Branding Banter!

Well this podcast episode is a little different! Rather than record two separate chats for each other's podcasts, we just recorded one "in-conversation' episode instead where we talked about building a brand, building a business and of course anything and everything building!

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Oh No, it's the Silly Season!

It's that time of the year when there is lots of property on the market, we're all looking BUT how do we know what the right property is - how do we assess that??? We talk a little about it in this BuildHer podcast episode.

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Buying Right!

When it comes time to sell your property, how do you find an agent that is going to work to achieve the best outcome? It is a tricky and emotional time, and not every agent is created equal. Today we’re bringing Sam Rigopoulos onto the show to shine a light on this issue and provide valuable tips on how to narrow down the field.

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The Untold Truth!

Well really it's the untold truth about having your house on the market. In this episode Rebeka gives us her insights on what it’s really like putting your house on the market. It’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster with the ups-and-downs of preparing for open homes, dealing with feedback and judgement, getting direct answers from real estate agents and competing with yourself to make it perfect.

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A BuildHer Building Tale with Karen Roebuck

Karen Roebuck (from Kadabra Group - a Victorian-based building company) didn’t start out as a builder. In episode 12 of Building with BuildHer, Karen talks of her entry into the building world from an unlikely origin in accounting and marketing; her career-change prompted by the joy and satisfaction she drew from project managing her own family home.

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121 People...

How many people does it actually take to build a house? We’ve crunched the numbers and we've worked it out - 121. That’s a lot of people, right? In this episode, we’re giving you some insight into who those people are, what they do on-site and what their lives might look like... and Rebeka and Kribashini goe toe to toe to see who can name the most trades - fun!

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Designing Homes for the People that Live in Them...

In this episode we get to know architect Lisa Breeze. Bringing a personal touch to architecture, Lisa not only designs homes for and with the people who live in them but she also shares her passion for craft and detail and thrives on the creative process, working in a partnership with her clients to bring their homes to life. Sounds amazing right?

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Designing, Renovating Air BnB's using Recycled Materials... Annie Brereton

Annie and her husband Shane quit their jobs in search of adventure. What they found was a passion for renovating using recycled materials and from there, this dynamic duo create unique, authentic living spaces using salvaged materials for their very happy clients.

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The Woo Woo Factor!

Have you walked into a house and noticed a welcoming, warm feel? Or a cold, clinical feel? It might feel a bit “woo woo”, but today on the podcast we are talking about how to get the right energy and feeling throughout your home. Join us in exploring the “woo woo” side of building and learn how to create intimate moments by designing energy into your project.

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A BuildHer Building Tale with Yolanda Aarons

Episode 6 sees Rebeka and Kribashini talking with protégé and Master BuildHer Yolanda Aarons. By day, she demolishes cancer as a radiation therapist, and by night (you guessed it) she demo’s houses. Her latest project at 123 Clarke St, Northcote is proving to be a challenging, yet satisfying and emotional job that Yolanda confesses she will find it difficult to move on from. Join us as we discuss 123 Clarke St and being a female builder (and BuildHer) in general.

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Light Me Up!

Our artist this week is Danielle Mastro, the lighting maestro from Lights Lights Lights with 13 years of industry experience. This bulb whisperer is physically unable to darken anyone’s doorway (unless of course, it needed it). She joins BuildHer’s Rebeka to talk about the importance of lighting and when devote time to it in your build.

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It's NEVER too Late to Learn!

Today’s guest is a BuildHer all rounder: developing for profit, managing interiors, styling and of course the building - Anna Crawford does it all. She is a BuildHer, DevelopHer and a loved member of Rebeka and Kribashini’s Inner Circle. ⁣
So come on over.... it's well worth a listen.

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Who here trusts their bullshit-detector? Their in-built radar that picks up lies, false-promises, exaggerations, inflated sales-speak, and the untrustworthy. We have all got one and this particular piece of kit is one you need by your side on every job site. Join Rebeka and Kribashini as they shoot for the Guinness world record for saying “Bullshit” the most in a single podcast episode.

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The Kitchen Queen! 

Our guest today is Rachel Collard (get ready for the accolades) - a BuildHer Collective member, a qualified interior stylist, with an award-winning career in kitchen design, a stint on The Block, mother of three, and formally trained psychologist (phew!). This woman knows how to understand clients’ needs in the kitchen and how to put that into practice. More importantly, she knows well the functionality that is so dearly needed in a great kitchen. Now supplying ALL of her kitchen tips to our members, Our Style Guru delve deep into all things kitchens.

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Interiors with Style! 

How do you make a house into a home? What is that indescribable feeling you get from a beautifully, purposefully styled space and how can you create it in your projects? How many questions can I throw at you before you get sick of this teaser? The answers to these questions and more in this week’s episode of Building with BuildHer featuring Tara Wokulski - an accomplished interior stylist and founder of Melbourne-based interior styling studio, Coco Camellia.

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Property Before Prada! 

Property before Prada, houses before handbags, developments before diamonds. These are some of the messages being delivered by our mortgage-broking, numbers-nerd, lending-wizard Katherine Persoglia (the powerhouse behind Property Before Prada) as she chats to Building with BuildHer’s own Kribashini about property finance.

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