The Project

In an exciting leap, BuildHer's next development is a completely unique model, a Community Collaboration Project.

Along with Rebeka and Kribashini, six Buildher students are joining forces to create two architecturally different, yet complementary and sustainable homes, by pushing the traditional boundaries associated with property development in Melbourne’s leafy northern suburb of Fairfield.

Ben Callery Architects have designed two houses, each with their own individualistic flair. The vision for each home is to create distinct spaces that will speak to the homebuyers’ sense of identity.

Using clean, fresh and contemporary lines, a sense of openness and an abundance of natural light, the look will be softened by materials and finishes reflective of north-side style: sophistication and edginess served with a side of character and personality.

The collaboration model lends itself to a unique opportunity for communal involvement, from planning and funding to design and construction, BuildHer Collective will track each step of the project on this exciting journey!

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Our Team

Led by REBEKA MORGAN and KRIBASHINI HANNON, co-founders of BuildHer Collective, the BuildHer8 team have between them a wealth of experience and knowledge from which to draw upon and have each taken control of various parts of the project.

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8 Part renovation series

Every reno has its challenges, the good, the bad and well, the ugly ducklings usually turn into beautiful swans.

Not one's to shy away from keeping it real, we'll be sharing the highs and lows, while using our unique collaborative building process to really get into the details of our design thinking and the realities of pulling together a project like this.

Our aim is pretty simple; empower anyone interested in renovating and building with the right tools, know-how and a few tips and tricks along the way.

We know that many of you are thinking about tackling their own dream home renovation or developing for profit, and our 8-art renovation series will provide you with not only the inspiration you need to get your creative juices flowing but the right tools, knowledge and know how to start your own project and get it right the first time.

Over the 8 episodes we'll take you through the backstory and demo, take you right through the construction process to lock-up, get deep into the interior and cabinetry design and finish with the big reveal of the Rathmines South and North homes - it's going to be fun!

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fancy co-lab'ing with us?

Now's the time to jump on board! Whether you're a trade or a supplier of materials and product, get in touch with us collaborate on our Rathmines BuildHer8 Community Collaboration Project!

Send us an email (subject heading "LET'S WORK TOGETHER ON RATHMINES") to buildher8@buildhercollective.com.auand we'll get back to you.

want to learn more about developing for profit?

We understand you may have experience, you may have renovdated and successfully made profit. But unless you put together the strategy and the plan and you have the framework for this, you may never take that next step.

What if you'd had that plan and started 5 years ago?


It's true - you've missed the boat for the Rathmines Street project, but that's not to say there aren't future opportunities to become involved. Our co-lab projects are designed by women for women - and you can get involved too!

Want to develop but don't have the $$$ to do it all by yourself?

Want to be involved in the decision making process along the way?

Want to learn how to deliver beautiful projects that are sustainable and have an impact on the build environment?

If you answered YES to all of the above questions, get in touch to register your interest in becoming a part of our next community collaboration project today!