Saturday, 23 june 2018

2 - 6pm

Nailing design within your budget


PRICE: $197

VENUE: The Design School
3 Ferguson Street, Abbotsford, Victoria, 3067
(Look for the pink stairs)

Do you want to build your dream home, but still need to stick to a budget?

We do this every day - we can show you how!

Learn how to "Build like a BuildHer" and get the design you want, whilst managing your budget at the same time.  It's tough ask though right?... We get that, and although we'd love to win the lottery - most of us haven't (yet). The money is a massive thing to think about with any build or renovation project.  We get crippled by the fear of going over budget… we don't want to blow it and if we do, how can we afford to fix it and finish???

We've all heard those horror stories and continue to hear them.  The reality is that if you follow our simple process, you can make sure that you are in the best position possible and avoid overwhelm, conflict and regret.

You don't want to put yourself in the position of having to make massive sacrifices at the end of your renovation because of bad budgeting AND we all want to shop for the "fun stuff" at the end like fittings and furniture. You know that new couch you've had your eye on would look perfect in your new dream home!

BuildHer Collective can show you how to "get that designer look" whilst managing a "realistic budget".  We can help you set up your build to ensure a winning outcome!

Whether you're thinking about building or just started, this workshop is for you.  Not only will you learn some super practical and relevant information, we'll also have some tasty treats and beverages for you to enjoy from our Private Chef - Michelle Boyle.


By coming to the workshop you will automatically unlock a massive discount to our online course, which will then give you access to our trade discounts, saving your $$$ on your next build.

We know you're going to LOVE this workshop. If you're serious about your next project - sign up today and reserve your space as places are limited to 30 amazing "BuildHers".

We can't wait to see you there!



Rebeka and Kribashini's passion for building, vast business experience and constant thirst for knowledge has translated into a desire to help women build and thus… BuildHer Collective was born.

As a registered builder and successful residential developer, Rebeka's recent projects have broken sales records in Northcote and the last three projects have all featured on the cover of Domain Magazine - amazing right! 

Having a deep passion for construction and project management, Kribashini is highly passionate about the built environment and currently spends time managing commercial projects, however having been through her own home renovation, Kribashini wants to share her insights and experience hiring and managing designers, specialists and contractors with other like-minded women and help them feel confident about building.

With a love of the built form and seeing a project come alive from inception to completion, Rebeka and Kribashini are also just like you - they have to build on a budget!!!  Let them show you how they do it so that you too can build your dream home.

This 4 hour workshop is only weeks away, so it's time to secure your tickets NOW as places are limited.


1300 973 061


Buildher Collective were amazing support as we navigated our build- reviewing and helping with the floor plan functionality, volumes, space and finishes. The trade contacts also helped. Thanks to Rebeka for her professional advice and recommendations. We are so delighted with result.

Jodi May-Gaffney


Building a house has got to be one of the most overwhelming processes and I really didn't know where to start or who to talk to. Rebekah at BuildHer Collective gave me so much relief when she provided me her advice. Her style is exactly what I was after and her professional opinion was just what I needed! Together we have been able to alter the floorplan of my architects drawings to be what I know now will be my dream home. 

Hannah Vasicek


I am so delighted with the house we have built, it is light and airy and I am biased but looks like its out of a magazine. BuildHer Collective was there from the start. I felt completely confident as it is transparent and they helped me understand the cost and the implications of different decisions. They made this build a breeze, helping work out which architects to engage and then providing advise through the design process. I am really happy and think that having someone in your court throughout the somewhat daunting process is invaluable.

Caitlin Jageurs