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2020 waitlist has started

it's starting 8 - 9 FEBRUARY 2020

create your own development plan!


Are you serious about this renovation thing? We want to help the people that are SERIOUS about getting ahead in the property game. The "action takers", the "ladies who are looking to build their portfolio and looking to renovate for profit".

So, we got to thinking about how best to service you and drumroll...

BuildHer Masterclass.

This will be the next step for you - and the last two years have sold out! We want to help you implement what you are learning, crank it up to the NEXT LEVEL, and we will teach you the secrets of "how to do what we do"!

We will walk you through how we have gone from working full-time to building our own projects. Having the creative license to build what takes our fancy (within a set of parameters - we need to be making good profits too!), and having lots of fun along the way.


So, here's what we will include for you... 


Our weekend intensive is to drill into where you are now, where you want to go and to create a tangible plan tailored to you. You will also meet and share with the other Master BuildHers here - this is amazing if you have 9 developments on the go or are just looking to plan out the first one and get it right.

You will also get access to our Master BuildHer Program - this will be focused on different aspects of the cycle, tune in once a week while we cover:

  • Buying like a pro - there is money to be made here;

  • How to design and plan for maximum profit;

  • How to renovate and actually pull it off; 

  • Marketing and selling for the best result; and

  • So much more!

Each week for 10 weeks we will be engaging in a new piece of content.

You will be learning with an intimate group.  This group of women are the ones that are going to make it happen. You know the ones - the ones that you look at and think to yourself "gosh, if only I knew how to do what they did!"  Umm.... well you can because it's about sharing and we will give you all of the details you need.

fortnightly group strategY sessions with us!

Every fortnight of the 10 weeks we will guide the group through a personalised one hour strategy session with us.

We will help you put this together, evaluate sites, work through issues with your builder, advise you on the marketing or whatever else you need. 

This time in invaluable - it's like gold! It's our mission to help you overcome and sort out any and every obstacle you come across, and these are the perfect sessins to do that.

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So, is this the opportunity you've been waiting for???

This program is by selection only and there is an application process.

We have a very small number of places that we can and will facilitate and obviously, we want to have fun and learn with similar minded people that are going to make it happen!

Just one little tip here CAN and potentially WILL save or make you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

By now you would have been working with us for a while - all of our Master BuildHers have been through the "Build Like a BuildHer" 11 Week Online Course. You have lots of great info, but don't you want to know how to do what we do?... have us give you the step by sep guide???

NOT KIDDING - we will teach you...

  • How to generate profits in the order of $500K for each job!

  • How we stand out in a saturated market!

  • How we look at properties and evaluate their worth!, and finally...

  • How we turn this into a full-time business where we no longer need to work for the man!!!

If you are interested, click on the button below to book in for a consult call - we'll set up a time to chat further.   


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Meet Yolanda (#masterbuildher)

5 Stars

I've learned so much from the Master BuildHer experience and I love it so much I don't want it to end... I'm super excited to be a part of the "Working Days" this year.  The support I get from not only BuildHer Collective but my other fellow Master BuildHers is truly amazing!

Meet Alison (#masterbuildher)

5 Stars

When I learnt what Buildher Collective was all about and that what Rebeka & Kribashini do is "help women build", I knew straight away that I needed to be a part of it in some way.  It ticked all of the boxes - my love for renovating, my love for learning, my love for interiors and my love for helping others, so I was pretty much hooked.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 1.55.20 pm

Meet Anita (#masterbuildher)

5 Stars

I bought my lastest renovation project during one of our Masterclass days via my husband doing the bidding and myself and the ladies watching...  It was super exciting - there was stress, yelling, tears and lots of hugs when I found out we got it!  Rebeka & Kribashini have been so supportive, super helpful and are always happy to make time to provide guidance and support and I'm super excited to continue to work with them.

Meet linda (#masterbuildher)

5 Stars

At the beginning of last year I never would have thought that the last Masterclass session of 2018 would be held at my newly finished home - a home that my family and I absolutely LOVE!  What a journey it has been for me and the support of BuildHer Collective - well that's just gold!  With an attitude of "let's find a solution", no problem is too big or too small and they've been there all the way with the right advice.

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To join this fantastic group of women, old and new,

for NEXT year's Master BuildHer Program, just click the link below!


masterclass 2020 - this could be you!