the BUILDHER Fast track

Words - What's it all about 2

In our signature "Build Like a BuildHer" online course, we teach you everything you need to know about the process of building your dream home.

From start to finish, we take you through the processes of building a home the right way, and without the mistakes that will eat into your budget. You get to learn from our collective experience!

We have had so many women through our online course, but we know it's not right for everyone.


Maybe the below sounds a little more like you?

Time... Short on it?

Between running the household, work and looking after the kids and getting them into bed, all I want is to take a little time for myself. Even with the best intentions and the desire to want to do the Build Like a BuildHer online course, setting aside the time to actually do the course just isn't high on the agenda. Not to mention that by the end of a busy day I'm too exhausted to actually take any of it in! Sound familiar?

I learn better in person.

With no distractions. Being able to actually dedicate the time and concentrate on the learning, rather than being distracted by other things, would be a dream. Sound good?

The networking.

Being surrounded by other women who are all doing the same thing as I am and who are interested in the same thing I am (i.e. what I have to say about my building experiences and journey) is what I'm looking for. Sound tempting?

The face to face.

Time with people in the know (that's Rebeka & Kribashini, who between them have years of building experience) and learning directly from the source, from the experts instead of trying to work it all out myself. Sound amazing?

Sometimes I really love to just get out of the house and do something for myself?

Sounds bloody fabulous!!!


When it comes to building your home, we know there are 3 things that are always on your mind:



By the end of The BuildHer Fast Track weekend intensive, you will...

Learn how to get your home built and delivered on TIME!

Learn how to understand your BUDGET and what you will get for that so that you can achieve the right look and feel for your unique self.

Ensure that your home is built to the QUALITY and standard that you deserve.

the BUILdHER Fast track

Words - The Weekend Outline

In "The BuildHer Fast Track" weekend, we're not just going to go through the online content (you'll still be able to do this at your own pace and in your own time), we've re-worked it to cover all of the high notes of the course in the 2 days of the intensive. The really important information that you NEED to know.


Day 1: the Introduction & The Pre-Build

During Day 1 of the intensive, we start by giving a little intro into us, who we are, and why we do it (apart from the obvious "we love it") before moving onto the process of building a home. Apologies - your dream home! We have a panel of experts to help you understand each stage of the process - we'll break it down for you!

The Purchasing Team

Real Estate  |  Broker  |  Accountant  |  Conveyancer

The Design Team

Architect  |  Draftsperson  |  Interior Designer

By the end of this day, you will have your plan for:

Who to hire for your "Design Team" and when;

Why each person will be the right fit for you; and

An understanding of the "big ticket items" that so many get wrong on their dream home from the outset!

Day 2: The Build & The Finish

On Day 2 we're ready to talk about the build and delve into the myriad of ways in which this can happen. We'll cover the technical, the construction and finally talk about how to finish it all off with a little (or a lot) of flair!

The Technical Team

Land Surveyor  |  Building Surveyor  |  Engineer  |  Geotechnical

The Construction Team

Boutique Builder  |  Carpenter / Owner Builder  |  Volume Builder

The Decoration Team

Stylist  |  DIY  |  Designer

By the end of this day, you will have your plan for:

How to put together the best technical team for your project to ensure your dream is built the right way;

How to select the right type of builder for your project, who builds what when and how to work with each of them to get the right outcome for your home; and

How to get the look that you want for your dream home right from the start!

the BUILdHER Fast track

Words - What to bring

When you join us for The Fast Track, you just need to bring your bright and bubbly self. This course is going to be fast paced - after all, we are on the fast track - and jam-packed full of great information. You'll need to be mentally ready to immerse yourself 100% into the experience and open to taking it all in.

We'll give you food and drink throughout the day (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea) and an endless supply of tea and coffee to keep you going! After you've booked and closer to the date, we'll reach out to find out if you have any dietary requirements - we can cater for vegan, gluten or dairy free.

Words - What you'll get

As a Fast Track participant, you will also receive the fabulous BuildHer Member Starter Kit. Included inside our super cool new BuildHer tote bag will be a Fast Track Workbook, our BuildHer Notebook, scale ruler, fence signage and high-vis vest (for when you get building). Let's not forget that you'll also get your BuildHer Membership Card - the key to unlocking all of the fabulous "Little Black Book" discounts that that ONLY BuildHer Members have access to!

BUT possibly most importantly of all, you'll get TWO full days with Rebeka & Kribashini - the brains trust behind BuildHer Collective. These two women know all there is to know about the building, renovating, and developing process.

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dates  |  times  |  venue

Words - We can't wait to see you

Saturday, 27 March & Sunday, 28 March 2021

8.30am for a 9.00am Start  |  5.00pm Finish


Micdrop South Melbourne

Level 5 / 111 Cecil Street, South Melbourne Victoria 3205



While you're thinking about if the above date works for you (but make it happen, ok?), take a minute to be inspired by some images of the amazing homes that our BuildHers have designed and built with the help of BuildHer Collective! 

the BUILdHER Fast track

Words - What's your investment
2490 Price V3


If you're already a BuildHer, please contact us at to talk to us about special pricing!

When you participate in The Fast Track intensive weekend, you will also get access to ALL of the regular Build Like a BuidlHer Online Course goodies, including:


Our Unique BuildHer Online System

It's packed with our industry know how, great information, and our custom-made templates & checklists.

Our Fortnightly Online Q&A's

Come along and watch a group floorplan review or get advice and feedback for yourself. Talk through issues and how to deal with them or just show up and listen to what's going on - this is where we got your back!

Our Facebook Community

Wanna meet those kick ass ladies? This is where you share your wins, get advice, share contacts and make recommendations.

Our BuildHer "Little Black Book"!

Check out our amazing trade discounts that you can access which will save you THOUSANDS of dollars off your build cost.


You'll have "lifetime access" to the all of the online content which guides you through the planning, design and construction phases of a renovation or new build.

here's what our buildhers have to say.

You will NEVER be around a more supportive group of women than the BuildHers - FACT!

We know, from over 3 years' of BuildHer Collective experience in helping women achieve their proprty dreams, that our BuildHers bond, chat, talk to each other, get together and become friends and BuildHer besties - all through their love and experience of building. We have brought these women together, have helped forge these connections and of that we could not be more proud of what we have created.

buildhermoment Jodie 28 January 2021
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the BUILdHER Fast track

Words - Secure your spot

You know it, but we have to say it - there are only a limited number of places at this workshop.

So - if you've been thinking about becoming a BuildHer and joining the 'Build Like a BuildHer' programme, but the thought of learning online is a little daunting - then join us in this new 'in person' experience. We know you'll LOVE it!

2490 Price V3


If you're already a BuildHer, please contact us at to talk to us about special pricing!