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Module 1 | Function

Get the principles right!

The starting point to your renovation or a new build. We want you to get the principles right. This will save you time and money in the long term and will set a baseline for making decisions down the road.


  • Your unique toolkit
  • Evaluate your needs and wants
  • Work out which approach is best for you and your family
  • Brainstorming and mapping exercises
  • How to communicate with designers

Module 2 | Form

Let's see it take shape.

You can trust your designers to bring exciting ideas about how to create interesting forms and use space but it is always best to know a little about the topic before starting discussions.


  • Space planning
  • Standard sizing and circulation
  • Environmentally Sustainable Design – get the basics right
  • Terms to help you along the way
  • The 101 of drawings, documentation & symbols

Module 3 | Flair

Putting YOUR style into it.

Flair is by far one of the most exciting modules at Buildher Collective. We fall in love with amazing kitchens and stylish bathrooms everyday.  We guide you through finding your personal design statement.


  • Sourcing inspiration
  • Bring out your inner style
  • The value of good design
  • How to choose a designer and write a brief
  • Materials
  • Lighting

Module 4 | Funds

Show me the brass tacks!

Now that you know what your needs are and you have untapped your creative flair it is time to get down and dirty with funding. Spend time working out how much you can spend, how much you should spend and how much is it realistically going to cost.


  • Methods of funding your renovation
  • Cost considerations to know about upfront
  • What you need to obtain construction finance & owner builder loans

Module 5 | Finance

Does it make financial sense?

Funds and finance go hand in hand and are revisited and revised when planning a renovation. Make sure you come back to this section as you have more and more information about the scope of your renovation or new build.


  • How to create reliable early budgets so you don’t get caught out
  • Work out your value proposition
  • Review your big picture needs against the cost
  • Are you creating worth?

Module 6 | Flow

Getting in the Groove.

When you renovate or build a new house there are different processes to go through that come together to create your gorgeous home. We simply explain these so you know what is ahead of you.


  • Design and documentation
  • Permits and approvals
  • Budget & cashflow
  • Quoting & evaluation
  • Owner Builder and hire a builder

Module 7 | Start Well

Start as you intend to go.

We are often in such a rush to get construction works happening on site that we forget to get ourselves organised and ready. Building need a bit of nurture this module helps you plan for success.


  • How to cultivate good working relationships
  • Hiring your builder, leading hand & trades
  • Site Management
  • How to organise your administration so you don’t get overwhelmed

Module 8 | Build Well

Stuff you just need to know.

Well, it is all about to kick off. Ready, set, go. We go into the nitty gritty in this module, don’t be worried, we give you loads of checklists and templates to use so you won’t need to remember it.


  • Who does what & when
  • Underground Services
  • Supporting your home and structure
  • Roof and Roof Plumbing
  • Walls, Windows & Doors
  • Lock up finishing trades
  • Compliance, inspections & where to go for help

Module 9 | Details

The devil is in the detail.

Put your house under a microscope and take a second look. Make sure your home is finished beautifully.


  • Workmanship
  • Final Cleaning
  • Standards and tolerances
  • Defects
  • What to do if you have a dispute

Module 10 | Finish

Bring it home.

Last but not least!


  • Furnish & Style
  • Standard sizing and circulation
  • Records and paperwork to keep
  • User manuals
  • Keeping your home in tip top shape

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